Wordcon is a movement. Launched by Prime and Wordsmith in 2015, Wordcon’s vision is to address the wholeness of Life in the work and leisure of professionals, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, corporate employees, freelancers and students.

Incessant change in all aspects of our lives – professional and personal, throws many challenges and the essence is the fact that we observe and feel the “conflict between life and livelihood.”

Things change but the essence of human nature is eternal. There is an eternal child in each individual. It is this eternal human nature that rediscovers itself in new forms, again and again.

In our times, old models and old habits are under incessant impact of change. This impact causes anxiety and fear as well. However, if human nature is something existential and if history teaches us anything, we are at an interesting point of human evolution.

To meet the challenges of our times in the best possible way, we need to dig deeper into the wholeness of Man.

In its widest scope, Wordcon is an attempt to explore the wholeness of human existence.