Fructus et Virtus : Cricket Match on 30th December, 2017 at NKDA Cricket Ground, Calcutta

Off-Break brings a cricket match – invitation to the Great Outdoor where once when we were younger and not surrounded by power-point, EMI, RoI, cash-flow, deadline, off-track, project management. In those days, we played and the game was the end

Modeling Conference RoO and RoI

[ A more formal and rigorous version of the methodology described below is submitted to the International Journal of Event Management Research, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Australia] EMPIRICAL MATHEMATICAL FORMULATION  A very important question for a sponsor for a Conference is

In Praise of afternoon sleep (siesta)

For a tropical climate like ours, here in Calcutta (India), from March to October, afternoon sleep appears to have therapeutic effect and productivity amplifier. This tradition is now completely forgotten although our last colonial rulers with their capital in my

Electric Shock and Information Security

When electricity was first discovered, literature of that time was rife with wonder, anxiety and fear. It was slowly found out that although electricity changed the world forever. It was the first invention / discovery in human recorded history that

GST and Indian Freelancer

[ This post is a Wordcon contribution to the Freelance Ecosystem of India.  This is not a tutorial for GST nor written by Tax professional. It is a synthetic analysis of the situation with analytic part coming in the next post. Some

CIO Round Table – Infovision Event Report

by Wordcon Correspondents Dateline : 25th August 2017 | Webel Bhawan | Calcutta |India Timeline : 6 pm – 9 pm. Theme : CIO Round Table – Information Security Awareness Building Chairman of Infosec Foundation – Welcome Address  It is

Infovision : CIO Round Table on 25th August, Webel Bhawan, Calcutta

Infosec Foundation – a non-profit for spreading Information security awareness is holding its first edition of Infovision – CIO round Table – a meet of top CIOs to discuss, debate, reflect, share notes and best practices. Wordsmith Communication and Wordsmith University

[Revisit] One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Invocation : I read the novel for the first somewhere in 1996 when I was a carefree young man in Malabar. I have two qualification to write this “Revisit” – primary one being of love for this epic and secondary for

Sherlock Holmes Report – The Exit of Mr. Sikka from Infosys

“My dear Watson, big news from the Deccan – Mr. Sikka – a great technical man taught by our American colonists in Stanford and then he was head of technology of a renowened firm in neighboring Germany. He then went

Film Review – DUNKIRK by Christopher Nolan

How did I watch the movie ? It is important as I am no professional reviewer. The idea to watch the movie struck my mind at 10 am in the morning. I watched the movie at 11 am in an