Entertainment Industry in India – outsider’s analysis

This post will try to answer two questions that you might have asked. If you think these are non-questions, do not waste time. This post is not for you. This post will help you if you are an entrepreneur or

Beware of Sarahah App

Preface Sarahah is a website created by the developer from Saudi Arabia Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. Sarahah means candor and honesty. It has become very popular in very short time because it allows you to send messages anonymously. After registration, you got a

Business Suit, Tie, Business Conference

I have a friend, a business owner who attends or at least tries to attend most of the business conferences / conclaves / meet / summit / workshop in the city. I have always wondered at his energy and drive.

Customer, Engagement and beyond

“For those who understand what is a customer, no training is needed. Those who do not understand, no training is sufficient.” Rains of Bengal is at the root of her immense fertility. This is also the season when she becomes

Data Leakage using Social Fun App

“What was the old age?” “Who is your favorite friend?” “How many lovers you have?” “Which celebrity looks alike you?” “Who will kill you?” Do you feel you have heard these questions several times in recent past? Yes you are

Terrifying Cyber Crime Through ‘Blue Whale Challenge’

Preface Trust you have already heard about the death game named ‘Blue Whale Challenge’. The same is in news in India post the suicide news of a Kid in Mumbai, India. The “suicide game” involves completing 49 twisted tasks before

Guest Quartet – “An extra in Relationship” by Mallika Chatterjee – a 4 part prose-work releasing soon

Wordsmith University – Freelancer Business and Life school and Wordcon-  Collaborative Platform for Indian Freelancers, commissioned a 4-part prose-work on a theme highly salacious for the vulgar horde but profoundly important for the thoughtful. Thoughtful about the contemporary Life and

Wordsmith Speaking Engagement – BNCCI ,Calcutta on “Best ways of customer engagement”

[To ALL PIN codes of Calcutta] Transmission Starts *************************** Pritam B Wordsmith and Kaushik “Rainmaker” Bhattacharya deliberating on the eve of the Workshop tomorrow at BNCCI House “Best ways of Customer Engagement”, from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The deliberations

Geopolitics and Cyber security – the context of India – Part I

The Connection One may ask as what can be the connection between geopolitics and cyber security. The purpose of this post is to discover that connection and then from these premises try to set out the direction of this global

Book Review : The Power of your subconscious Mind

I got the physical book in a busy office where there were lots of business activities. Just like you can hear the muffled sound of engine in any part of a ship, the office was having the purr of business